Why is ‘RALBook’ good for me and how do I become eligible?

  • RALBook properties have a higher search results ranking when a guest searches by availability on our website (therefore a higher likelihood of being booked).
  • Guests can enter their payment information right away at the time of booking. This means that you will not receive just an inquiry, speeding up the booking process. You will receive communication that a new booking as been made.
  • A lot of guests on our site are in a hurry, and these guests are naturally attracted to RALBook properties. As a result RALBook properties also tend to receive a lot more last-minute bookings.

To become eligible to be one of our leading Properties whose rentals are listed as RALBook, always:

  • Keep your calendar and rates fully up to date
  • Reply positively
  • Accept all bookings
  • Have great reviews posted on your listing from past Guests

If you think that you qualify for RALBook, please contact us by clicking here and we will review your account and help you make the upgrade to RALBook.

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