How do I add my deals and packages?


Adding Deals & Packages

The Deals and Packages feature is a great way to advertise your business on To add a deal or package to your property, simply log into your Client Center and open the Business Listing tab. Then, select Deals & Packages. This will update the page to show you all existing entries and let you create a new one. 




You may already have an existing deal or package like in the screenshot below, but no matter what you will always have the Type and Create New+ option in the upper right. If you are looking to update the information on an existing deal, or it has expired and you want to run it again, click Update under the Action column.

To add in a new deal or package, select a Type from the dropdown list and click Create New+.





Fill out all of the form details. Anything with a red asterisk is required. You can save your progress by clicking the blue Save Changes button, but in order to publish your changes, make sure to click the green Save & Publish button.




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