What is a review?


A review is a written comment of a your experience as a traveler that can be submitted to any property you have been to or had an experience with. This review will be shared on our site for fellow travelers. You can review any property's accommodations, restaurants, or attraction that is listed on ResortsandLodges.com

We encourage our travelers to be as honest about your experience to give the most accurate information for future travelers. Please remember these review guidelines to ensure a great review:

First-Hand - Reviews should include details of your individual experience that other travelers might find helpful. They shouldn't include second-hand information, links to external sources, or rumors.

Offensive ContentNo threats, profanity, sexually explicit language, hate language or content that is not appropriate for people of all ages. 

Age requirementMust be of the age of 13 or older to write a review.

RelevanceOur reviews are meant to be helpful advice for travelers. They should not contain information that does not pertain to travel research, such as personal rants, social or political commentary, or other discussion not related to travel research.

Valid Account & E-Mail EtiquetteEmail addresses and information must be correct, no HTML tags or excessive CAPS, slang or symbols.

Post Respectfully - In an effort to keep both travelers and business owners safe, reviews containing personal insult, profanity, or hostile comment, even in a well-considered review, can lead to its removal.

Conflict of InterestResortsandLodges.com is dedicated to providing transparency between travelers and businesses. It is also our mission to level the playing field for hospitality properties, so together we may provide memorable experiences to travelers throughout the world. We know that the most valuable reviews are objective and unbiased. Examples of content that will be removed include but are not limited to:

  • Writing a review about your own business.
  • Submitting reviews from other sources on your own business.
  • Negatively reviewing a competitor to manipulate their rating.
  • Writing a review as a current or former employee about employment experience.

Writing a review is free, and reviews don't expire and in most cases will stay on our site indefinitely. A review may occasionally be removed at the reviewer's request, or, in rare instances, may be found in violation of our guidelines.

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