What is a review?


A review is a written comment of a your experience as a traveler that can be submitted to any property you have been to or had an experience with. This review will be shared on our site for fellow travelers. You can review any property's accommodations, restaurants, or attraction that is listed on ResortsandLodges.com

We encourage our travelers to be as honest about your experience to give the most accurate information for future travelers. Please remember these review guidelines to ensure a great review.

  • Review written by actual traveler: Making sure that the traveler is the one that had the first-hand experience with the services and facilities. 
  • Please be family-friendly: No threats, profanity, sexually explicit language, hate language or content that is not appropriate for people of all ages. 
  • Age requirement: Must be of the age of 13 or older to write a review.
  • Original content: No quoted material from other sources, such as websites, emails, or other reviews.
  • Relevance: Please do not include content that is not relevant to trip planning and research.
  • Valid account and e-mail etiquette: Email addresses and information must be correct, no HTML tags or excessive CAPS, slang or symbols.

Writing a review is free, and reviews don't expire and in most cases will stay on our site indefinitely. A review may occasionally be removed at the reviewer's request, or, in rare instances, may be found in violation of our guidelines.

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