How do I add pictures to my listing?


Adding Photos to your Listing

Adding pictures to your property's landing page is easier than you think! You can control all of your media within your Client Center

Open the Business Listing tab and select Photo & Video Library. This will update your screen to display your current library.




To add new photos to your library, click Upload Media




This will generate a popup window that will allow you to upload files from your computer. Click +Add files... to select what to upload. The files will be added in list format. When you are ready to upload to the gallery, click Start. To cancel, click Cancel. Note that clicking either of these buttons at the top will apply the action to all files, whereas clicking either of these buttons to the right of the file will apply the action to just that file.




You can tell that the file has finished uploading when there is no longer a progress bar, and the only button available next to the file is Delete. You can use this button to remove any files you may have accidentally uploaded, or decided you don't want to use. Click Close once everything is uploaded.




Now that the photos are in your library, it's time to add them to the listing! Select Business Listing Content in the Business Listing tab where we started. This will update your screen to show your listings.




Click Update in the Action column. Note that your Level and Placement may be different than what you see in this screenshot.




Scroll down until you reach the last section, Media. To add photos from your library, click Add Media+. This will generate a popup window with your library where you can select the Add Image+ button for every photo you want transferred to the listing. Do this until you have added all photos you want displayed on your listing, then click Close.





All of your images will appear under the Media section. By default, newly added photos will appear last, but you can rearrange the order by clicking and dragging them. The image that is set as your cover photo will have a green box that says Cover in the upper left corner. To update your cover photo, hover over the image you want to use and click Set Cover.



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