How to add pictures to your properties landing page?


Adding pictures to your properties landing page is easier then you think. You can control all of your media within your Client Center. Don't know how to login, please select the forgot password link to have send you a reset password. 

Within your Client Center, locate the 'Photos & Videos' section where you are able to upload all media. There is an 'upload media' button on the right hand side of the screen. Add Files here from your computer and select 'Start' to upload them to the library. When done uploading, close out and you will see they images added to the library. After successfully uploading your media, make your way to your business listing tab on the the left hand side and select 'update'. Located in the Business Listing is all your properties live content that is located on your properties landing page. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you will find your media section. To add images that you have uploaded to the 'photos and videos' section, click on the 'Add Media' button. Here you will see all photos that are currently on your living landing page. Add any or all of your images you would like, and then close box when you are done. You are able to select any on the photos and drag them around to change the order. Always remember to hit save once you are done adding, rearranging, and editing your media section. 

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