How do I know if my property qualifies for a certain resort type?

Follow's Property Listing offers over 30 resort types for properties to be included in. With so many options, it might not be entirely clear what qualifies you to be included in a certain resort type. To make things a little easier, here is a list of each resort type and a short description of what would make your property applicable for that type. 

All-inclusive: Your property offers all-inclusive rates for lodging, dining, activities and more.

Beach: Your property is located directly or within walking distance of a beach on any body of water.

Boutique: Your property is a boutique hotel. 

Casino: Your property offers a casino onsite or is located within driving distance to a casino.

Conference & Meeting: Your property offers meeting venues and can accommodate groups for business retreats. 

Diving: Your property offers diving classes or programs, or offers diving nearby as a popular recreation option.

Dude Ranch: Your property is a ranch-style with various ranch activities and programs. 

Ecotourism: Your property offers ecotourism recreation options or is located near natural parks that offer ecotourism. 

Family: Your property can accommodate families of various sizes and offers fun family activities.

Family Reunion: Your property offers function spaces for hosting reunions, offers family-friendly activities, and can accommodate families for overnight stays.

Fishing: Your property offers fishing onsite or is located close to a body of water where fishing is available. 

Golf: Your property offers a golf course onsite. Or, your property is located close to a golf course (or golf courses) in the area. If you offer golf packages to your onsite course or to nearby courses. 

Health: Your property focuses on health and wellness with fitness classes and wellness programs of various kinds. Your property might also have a spa onsite. 

Historical: Your property has a rich history in regards to its origins, or your property is located in an exceptionally historic place and there are many historic sites in the area that guests can visit. 

Holiday: Your property offers holiday celebrations or programs, or is open during certain holidays throughout the year. 

Honeymoon: Your property caters to couples on their honeymoon and offers romantic accommodations and activities that couples will enjoy. 

Hunting: Your property offers hunting excursions onsite or nearby, or your property is affiliated with hunting guides and programs in the area. 

Island: Your property is located on an island. 

Lake: Your property is located beside a lake. 

Luxury: Your property offers luxurious accommodations, a variety of onsite services and amenities such as golf courses, restaurants, pools, spa services, concierge services, etc. 

Mountain: Your property is located at the base of a mountain or is located within or near a mountain range. 

Nature: Your property is located in a mostly natural setting or is nearby many area nature or state parks where guests can visit and explore. 

Outfitters: Your property offers outfitting services for fishing, hunting, and other outdoor recreation options. 

Pet-friendly: Your property allows pets. 

Romantic: Your property welcomes couples looking to getaway. Your property offers romantic accommodations and activities for couples. 

RV Resort: Your property offers an RV site onsite.

Ski: Your property offers skiing and other winter activities onsite, offers ski-in/ski-out lodging, or is located nearby ski resorts and possibly offers shuttle services to the lifts. 

Spa: Your property has a spa onsite, or your property offers in-room spa services. 

Timeshare: Your property offers timeshare accommodations. 

Waterpark: Your property has a waterpark onsite, or is located near a popular waterpark.

Wedding: Your property can host weddings onsite or can help arrange for wedding celebrations at an affiliated location. Your property offers wedding services. 

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