How do I update the content on my Listing?


If you're interested in updating the content on your listing, we would be happy to assist you in the process! It's easy. Start by logging into your Client Center. On the left, you should see a tab for Business Listing. Click on this and a drop down should show up with your property's listing. Click on the listing and then click on Update. 

The page that will then load will have all the content and information that is currently on your listing. At the top of this page, you should find a box that says "Suggested Changes." This is where you can put in all the updates you would like made to the content. has certain content standards, which is why we request clients to suggest their changes instead of making them directly into the content.

When you fill out the Suggested Changes box with your request and save it, a support email will be sent directly to our Content Team. Our Content Team will then take your request and update everything that they can. They will reply back to this email and you should receive an email from the Content Team when the updates have all been made! 

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