Why was my property not included in a certain resort type?


If your property was not included in a certain resort type it might be for a few different reasons. Your property might not completely qualify to be in that certain resort type and/or your property website did not provide enough information for our Content Team to accurately include that resort type to your listing. 

For a quick overview of all of the ResortsandLodges.com resort types and whether or not your property qualifies, refer to this article.

If you believe that your property should be included in a certain resort type, we will gladly help add that to your listing. All you have to do is send us an email at support@resortsandlodges.com and request which resort type you would like added. Please include specific information about why your property qualifies as that type of resort, or link to a certain page on your website that will provide us with the necessary information. This will help our Content Team create the resort type for you. 

You are also welcome to write up your own content for that resort type and send it into us via the support email. 

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