How long does it take to create a new website?


On average, the website process takes 12-16 weeks. We work as fast as our clients can, and as long as the communication is there between the two, the website process can move quickly. 

Factors that slow down the website process:

  1. Lack of communication between the property and web services team
  2. Lack of access to a computer/internet connection by the property
  3. Lack of assets (make sure you have high quality photography)
  4. Design changes late in the game (make sure that we finalize design during the design phase)
  5. Lack of DNS information - we will need DNS information before launching your new website. Getting in touch with your current website host is very important and the earlier we get that information the better.
  6. Content shortage - The faster and more information we get about your property the better. We want to make sure that we get enough content for every page of your website. This will help improve your SEO and overall look of your new website.



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