What is the best way to share my property's asset's with you?


Photo's & Video's:

Here at ResortsandLodges.com we want to make it as easy as possibly to share content with us. We use Dropbox to share all photos and videos. We will create and share a folder with you, in which you can easily add as many assets as you would like. We will also created folders within your properties folder based on your finalized site map to help organize and help speed up the process. 

Text & Content:

Sharing content can be done a couple different ways. What we normally do is within Basecamp (our system we use to communicate between property and company) is where we create Writeboards. Writeboards are an open text document that you can upload any content into. We will go through and create a document for every page on your new website. We can/will fill them with all content from your old website, and then you can go in and edit/add any additional content. If you wish to write new content and share it in a word document, you can also do that and share it via dropbox. 

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